After just releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Winter’ and ‘Shadow In The Dark,’ Tiger & The Homertons are flexing their studio muscle as of late, combining unique, worldly sounds to create some of the freshest and inspiring easy listening you’ll hear this year. Now armed and ready to go with new single ‘Somewhere Else,’ Tiger is ready to kickstart his busy summer schedule in style.

Fronted by singer/songwriter Tiger Finkel and backed by The Homertons; Dario Ferriera (lead guitar), Celia Kleindienst (piano and vocals) and Fabio Gentilin (bass), the folk-infused acoustic goodness created by this group is quickly winning over the hearts and ears of fans on a global scale, and it’s easy to hear why. ‘Somewhere Else’ takes you on a carefully crafted journey of glorious songwriting, intricate melodies, dreamy guitar work, perfect harmonies and huge emotional build-ups. The combination of beautiful, scenic music merged together with raw vocals makes for a signature sound only recognisable to them.

Hailing from France but now living in London, not to mention sharing a band with Portuguese, Austrian and Italian members, Tiger’s desire to soak up influences from across the world is the reason why he’s created such an inimitable sound. His creativity and craftsmanship in writing music hasn’t gone unnoticed across Europe and beyond, and now he’s about to embark on the next chapter of his story with ‘Somewhere Else.’

Effortlessly combining dreamy ballads with melancholic progressive sounds, it’s amazing to hear what this group have achieved in the last 12 months after meeting at The London Music School. Now they’re about to release their third single and head on tour across Europe – who’s joining them?

See Tiger & The Homertons this summer:
01/08: London – The Camden Chapel

07/09: London – Hackney Empire Bar

12/09: Liverpool – Zanzibar Club

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