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‘Time To Go’ new for Kulick

Alternative rock/pop artist KULICK (aka Jacob Kulick) has just released a video for ‘Time To Go’

Alternative rock/pop artist KULICK (aka Jacob Kulick) has just released a video for ‘Time To Go’, the soaring new single taken from his forthcoming EP “Everyone I Know Will Die” via ENCI Records (The Joy Formidable, Fences).  The brand-new video premiered on Substream magazine earlier and can be viewed HERE.

Kulick says, “This music video is by far one of the most favourite music videos that I’ve ever done because I was able to tell my story and have a crew of really talented people execute it. I always wanted to have a younger version of myself in a video, and Aiden Cullen was absolutely perfect for the role. Spencer Sease, the director, really took my idea and made it 100x better than I could have imagined. The feeling of my teenage years and the nostalgia is so present in this video, and that was the most important thing to me. It portrays what my childhood would have been like if I’d grown up in California, which is a cool mind-bending concept to watch play out.”

He adds, “This EP “Everyone I Know Will Die” has been a long time coming. I have struggled with the idea of death and mortality my entire life, and continue to do so. This year, I was forced to face it head-on when I became the caretaker of a loved one as they began to, and continues to battle a series of health issues. Life changed very drastically and as I started to process that, these songs emerged. I felt a familiar angst and anger that I had when I first experienced these thoughts and emotions while growing up, and wanted it to sonically tell that story as well. The overall theme of the EP is about growing up, getting through difficult times, and accepting your own timeline and what life hands you.”