Indie-pop trio Tors are firmly in the ascendancy, their gift for sumptuous vocal harmonies and immediately enticing melodies leading to shows with Sam Ryder, co-writes with Declan J Donovan and Dean Lewis, and airplay at Radio 1 and Radio 2. They now add to their 500 million career streams to date by teaming up with Lily Williams for the new single ‘I Don’t Miss You (Except For When I Do)’. Listen HERE.

The title tells the story, but Lily Williams’ opening lyrics go against the grain of a dejected love song as she sings, “I don’t get lonely, I don’t get drunk, I don’t stay up till five in the morning wondering what I could’ve done.” Tors’ Matt Weedon is also in a similar headspace, admitting: “I never call you real late at night, I don’t hang up as soon as you answer the phone.” But as the song builds to its sentimental conclusion, there’s no closure – just the realisation that they can only hold onto their denial for so long.

Tors commented, “‘I Don’t Miss You’ is a song about denial and the lies you tell yourself knowing deep down you’re still in love with the person you lost. I think we’re all guilty of pretending we’re okay and believing if we keep it up long enough it’ll actually happen.

We wrote it in the midst of lockdown on zoom with Lily Williams, it was the first time we’d ever met as we sat in our various kitchens and sitting rooms in LA and the UK respectively. We immediately hit it off and somehow wrote one of our most personal and intimate songs in the most impersonal and clinical creative environment. As soon as Lily sent over a demo with her singing on it we knew it had to be a duet, her voice is so vulnerable and, blended with Matt’s, it really tells the story we were trying to write.”

Tors and Lily Williams co-wrote the song earlier this summer during sessions at Higher Eggbeer Farm, a 1000-year-old barn just outside of Exeter. The song was produced by Tors (brothers Matt, Theo and Jack Bowden) and was mixed by Charlie Holmes (Sam Tompkins, Jade Bird).

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