Rising duo Two Another continue their run of form with stunning new offering My Religion, their fourth of an already prolific year. Having gained new fans in the likes of Complex,Wonderland Magazine, NOTION and more, Two Another have already gained 2.5 million streams this year, and have much more on the way. Purveyors of shimmering R&B, the past couple of years have been tough ones for the duo as they’ve tackled issues surrounding sexuality, mental health and fatherhood head on. Speaking on My Religion, the duo state:

We are really excited to share the fourth song off our EP. The beat was inspired by two of our favourite Frank Ocean songs ‘Pink Matter’ and ‘Super Rich Kids.’ It’s the slowest track we’ve released to date and once Louis Munro contributed the bass part, he really gave it the bounce it needed. Lyrically the song came from a discussion we had about how you can lean on someone so much for a sense of peace and happiness that you can forget how to create that for yourself. We started throwing out terms like confession and redemption and from there we just decided to lean into the religious symbolism with the lyrics – rather than just being another love song. 

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The origins of Two Another’s global story lie under the Australian sun. Angus, born in the UK, and Eliot, in the US, connected through the music program run by Bag Raiders at their school in Sydney. They quickly bonded over a mutual love for Ableton and French Touch.

After school the best friends first found themselves in different cities in Australia, then Europe, balancing writing trips and remote collaboration for a number of years before finally coming together in London to form Two Another in 2015. They now split their time between Amsterdam and Stockholm.

This spirit of collaboration not bound by borders is at the core of Two Another. Whilst Angus focuses on the idiosyncratic production and Eliot his emotive vocal and lyrics, many of their tracks feature performances by musicians from different sides of the globe, each adding their individual flavour to create an effortless fusion of soul, alternative R&B and contemporary electronic music.

Two Another’s music is an amalgamation of all their musical memories – inspired by their parent’s love for Motown, growing up during the golden era of indie and later discovering their own love for 90s electronica, dance and hip hop. It is music to make you feel – even on the dancefloor.

In spite of their commercial success, the still independent duo have remained relatively anonymous. Not out of intention, that’s just how it happened. Their new body of work addresses this head on, giving the listener an insight into their lives both as individuals and best friends as they open up about family, friendship and sexuality. It is their most honest and vulnerable work to date, proving that the foundation of friendship can lift us through the hardest of times to a brighter future.


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