Victoria Monét is diving into 2020 with the release of her flirtatiously smooth new track “Dive”, premiering as the New Music Daily cover and on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music Beats 1 Radio Show on April 21st. “Dive” marks the third single off Monét’s forthcoming project, Jaguar, slated for release this spring, following the singles “Moment”, a bold track exploring sexual exploration and infatuation, and the self-love gym anthem “Ass Like That”. Monét exudes confidence in her unapologetic lyricism, uncompromising expression and fierce femininity. In “Dive” Monét further displays this dazzling self-assurance; she knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. “Dive” combines elements of R&B, Jazz, and Hip-Hop incorporating honey-glazed vocals, a mellow beat, and her signature 70’s inspired horns as the backdrop.

Victoria on her new single, “Women are an adventure. We are as powerful as oceans, as beneficial as h20 and as fun as any theme park. Anyone lucky enough to taste that thrill should go all in. Dive playfully invites one to do so. It emphasizes the importance of women getting our pleasure through oral sex. It’s not talked about enough from our perspective and I wanted to break the ice. They say most humans are about 60%  water, but I believe women must be 69% so dive in baby.”

Victoria has kept busy over the past few weeks, inspiring fans with the  “Pull Up On You” acapella challenge, which has now seen remixes from all over the world. In addition to her “Ass Like That” viral dance challenge started by renowned dancer Ysabelle Capitulo, as well as Sean Bankhead (Normani), Kiira Harper (Beyoncé).

 Earlier this year Monét appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! delivering a radiant performance of “Moment”. She has garnered more than 9M streams for her latest singles “Moment” and “Ass Like That” generating praise from NPR, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and more. Monét explains the inspiration behind the title for her highly anticipated album Jaguar: “I didn’t realize the similarities that I had with the actual animal the Jaguar, I found [it in] the way that they camouflage – they’re always there, in the jungle – people would look for them but can’t find them. I feel like them in the way I’ve been in the music industry for a really long time…but not always seen, I’ve been behind the scenes and I always and was waiting for someone to validate and affirm that I belong and that I should do this next thing. Like the Jaguar, I feel like now is just my time to be the hunter. I know what I want”.

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