South Londoner VX Duse has today unveiled his latest single – Sia feat. Danny Sanchez – the latest release from his debut EP, dropping at the top of 2022. Just his third ever solo release, VX Duse exemplifies his songwriting prowess on this downtempo R&B cut that brings together Duse and Danny Sanchez; two of South London’s most promising emerging artists. LISTEN HERE.

Sia begins with a pitched-down hook from Duse, repeated again with the proper levels before switching languages to Spanish for the opening verse. Duse, who’s parents emigrated to the UK from Colombia, is known to modulate between English and Spanish on record; embracing his Latin roots blended with influences from alternative R&B, UK drill and Latin reggaeton.

Danny Sanchez’s hybrid style of rapping-singing is perfectly suited for the subtle production and a nice contrast to Duse’s airy vocals. Danny is the only featured artist on Duse’s forthcoming EP, a testament to their creative chemistry. Another pitched-down hook closes out the song, bringing perfect symmetry to the understated record.

VX Duse shared some words about what the song means to him, “Sia is a song about a love interest in which love felt like the only thing that mattered at that moment in time, and that the rest of my life was sidelined for the person I fell for. It’s about finding an equilibrium between my love life and my passion for music so neither suffer from lack of attention”.

Sia comes on the heels of Prism and Paraiso; the first two singles unveiled from the EP.

VX Duse will drop his debut EP in early 2022. The project will be released on Good As Gold, a new label launched by The Arcade (aka Kurtis McKenzie), a multi-platinum Grammy-winning producer who has worked with the likes of Shakira, Doja Cat, Kendrick Lamar and Maroon 5.

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