Today, Wrabel releases “beautiful day,” a melancholic tale of heartbreak swaddled in cinematically lush instrumentations and a dreamlike vocal delivery that is chill-inducing. Perfect for the autumnal changing of seasons, “beautiful day” is the latest taste of what’s to come from the acclaimed singer/songwriter who drops his second full-length album, based on a true story, on November 17 via Big Gay Records/Nettwerk.

Listen to “beautiful day” HERE

“I wrote ‘beautiful day’ with Eric Leva,” says Wrabel. “When we wrote, it I didn’t think it would end up being a song for me, but as we finished it it just felt too good (and too sad) to not record it. Eric and Sam de Jong produced it, and Stevie Blacke played the absolutely gorgeous strings all over it. It’s the feeling of a heartbreak ruining something so simple as a beautiful day; the lush music representing the sun beaming over a clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight, and the lyrics and melody cutting through like a storm coming in.”

Wrabel’s forthcoming based on a true story LP tie together his two previously released 2023 EPs, chapter of me and chapter of you, alongside a handful of new tracks including “beautiful day” and his own recording of “lost cause” (a Wrabel-penned highlight off of P!nk’s most recent album Trustfall.)

Of the new album, Wrabel shared, “I had a very clear intention with the album to try and offer some hope. Like a shoulder to lean on, a friend to confide in… sharing parts of myself that scare me. Sharing things I’ve been through in the hopes that it may make you feel less alone. The last group of new songs I feel tie together the previous chapters and offer some more depth. If I had one dream for the album, it would be simply that I hope it brings you comfort and hope. I put a lot of heart into this, and I hope it reaches yours. And as always I couldn’t have done it without my incredible friends and collaborators and my incredible family team around me.”

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