Sometimes you come across an album that hits your emotions right in that sweet spot and “Bright Soil”, the new album from Christopher Mansfield, aka Fences, is one of those albums. Four albums in and, by now, Fences has got the art of putting his stories to music down to a fine art.

Described by the man himself as his “most cohesive album to date”, ‘Bright Soil’ documents a time of monumental change in the songwriters life perhaps one of the reasons behind the cohesiveness of the material. The album opens up with a song called “Hell”, while the melodies jangling away through the following track “No One” hid away by behind some fairly downbeat lyrics.

Musically “Bright Soil” isn’t a complicated album, the melodies at times throughout the record become hypnotic while the soothing way in which Mansfield tells his stories is almost poetic. Combined together with his heartfelt lyrics, all the elements create an album that is as emotional as it is dreamy.

Never getting out of first gear, Fences music is something that is easy to get lost in. “Sioux City” has an almost summery feel to it while the gentle strum of “Sun Falls” is wonderful to drift away to. Becoming a father during the cycle for the album, Fences has plenty to be cheerful about and, despite his sometimes downbeat words, tracks like “Sun Falls”, you can imagine were as much of a joy to write and record, as they are to soak up.

In fact, that’s probably the best way to experience “Bright Soil”. Sit back and clear your mind then let Fences emotional, heartfelt tales simply wash over you. His life may have been one of monumental change at the time of writing “Bright Soil” but, listening to the journey it takes you on, then it’s hard to deny that that change has given him a wealth of emotional stories for you to enjoy.

To pick up your copy of “Bright Soil”, head over to the ENCI Music website.

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