Outrageously funny and no-holds-barred Grace Campbell makes her widely anticipated return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August in her most hilarious and relatable show to date.

A Show About Me(n) is Grace’s shameless and dynamic show about her complicated relationship with men. Throughout the show, Grace takes a blinding look at where her obsession for male validation came from, looking at the tragically funny situations that have happened to her, and lead her to the epiphany that something had to change. Filled with stories about football, sex, break ups, moving to America to escape men, and being constantly defined by her own father, Grace’s show will take you on a complicated journey, ultimately coming to the part where she has to make a decision about what is most important to her – men, or herself. A Show About Me(n) is a radical departure from her 2019 show, which focused more on politics. This year, we see a more relatable and personal Grace, with this show not only appealing to women but also men of all ages – as they’re the ones it’s actually about.

The show will be fiery and provocative, but it will also subtly question why she has spent her entire life, from birth, being so utterly obsessed with men, a question lots of people will relate to.

This is bound to be the show that will set Grace’s comedy on the map. In recent years, Grace has made herself known in the British comedy scene with her sharp but outrageous stand-up, her online sketches, her hit podcast, and her book. Online, and offline, Grace is a confident wrecking ball of unfiltered realism that will have you laughing out loud in your seat.

Her outlandish approach of shameless self-expression herself in her day-to-day life has allowed her to gain a cult following of young girls who relate to her antics and feel seen by her self-exposure. Grace has used her online profile to help empower other young women, and she has made supporting other women a huge part of her work. In fact, with her comedy club the Disgraceful Club, which now resides at Bush Hall, Grace has used it to help female and LGBTQ comics do their first gigs, and she’s helped mentor other people in terms of breaking into the comedy scene, because her experience starting out was difficult and isolating which she now doesn’t want to be the case for other people.

But Grace doesn’t want to appeal to just young women, in fact she wants to appeal to men, which is something she hopes to do with this show, as a huge part of her life is about men, and she wants to help men feel safe to express themselves better.

Listing information:

Show:             Grace Campbell: A Show About Me(n)

Dates:             3rd-28th August

Time:                          7.00pm         

Venue:            Gilded Balloon – Nightclub

Address:        13 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9AJ

Price:              3rd-5th Previews £8.50, Peak £13.50, Off-peak (or weekday) £12.50    

Box Office: https://www.edfringe.com/ / https://gildedballoon.co.uk

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