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John Lloyd at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This unique event allows you the audience to ask him anything you like

Emmy, Grammy, and BAFTA winning TV producer, radio presenter, ad director, writer, and Professor of General Ignorance, John Lloyd, is back on stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the first time since 2015, with a brand-new show that’s guaranteed to be different every day.

“Do You Know Who I Am?” is just one of the many questions the multicellular organism behind QI, Blackadder, Spitting Image, The News Quiz, and Not The Nine O’Clock News is hoping to answer over eleven harrowing tea times.

He was there at the start of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Johnny English, To The Manor Born, No Such Thing As A Fish, HIGNFY and Mr Bean. Now he is here.

This unique event allows you the audience to ask him anything you like, from The Meaning of Liff to the mysteries of fractal geometry, or his roles as Stephen Fry’s fact gnome and Rowan Atkinson’s valet parker.

There is no filter on the content, no prep, and no advance warning. We will wrestle with human curiosity, the strangeness of existence, and the quest for meaning. Or not. It all depends on the questions. Maybe you just want to know what the Spitting Image puppets smell like.

As the creator of so much modern entertainment, John has amassed an incredible archive of arcane knowledge, career advice, mystical insights, and defamatory anecdotes… much of which he can still remember.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question – metaphysical or metaphorical, trivial or inane – and there’s a surprising answer to everything. Even if it’s just an awkward silence.

Questions will be taken from the live audience, from people in the street, and from social media using #askjohnlloyd – plus a few curve balls from John’s much more famous friends from the Fringe and beyond.

Listing information:

Show:                          John Lloyd: Do You Know Who I Am?

Dates:                         5th – 15th August

Time:                           3.40pm

Venue                         New Town Theatre

Address:                        96 George St, Edinburgh EH2 3DH

Price:                           £15.00
Box Office:        , 0131 558 9005,, 0131 226 0000