Morbid an independent sitcom which was written in 2007 by Actor, Writer and Executive Producer Michael Dee, and it’s just hit the internet for the first time and it’s instantly racking up views on YouTube already.

Morbid has been locked away in an attic since 2007 and in late 2016 the script came out of the attic and pre-production began on an independent sitcom set around a brother and sister and based in the Cheshire town of Ellesmere Port.
With the support of local businesses within the area. Donations from a florist, a pub landlord, a solicitors and a real funeral director all helping to get the show on its feet.

The story is based around a brother and sister who sadly loose their parents in the first episode. They suddenly realise, that it’s their turn to keep the family business (Funeral Directors) afloat and stop it from becoming a laughing stock.
Hiring two new candidates will be first on the to-do list, but will they choose wisely when it comes to picking the right candidates?

Finding a replacement hearse at such short notice, leaves the siblings at a rocky start. But maybe their first funeral will run smoothly and maybe things won’t go so wrong after all. Or will they?

The show originally secured £2,000 crowdfunding in September 2017 last year but a further £3,000 has been raised after the hearse, which was bought for the pilot episoderequired emergency repairs to make it roadworthy and pass its MOT.
Earlier this year Michael made national headlines when he leant his hearse and his time to help direct a real funeral for a family he had never met before. The family in question  didn’t have the funding to afford their own funeral services so Michael with the help of local funeral director, Ian Dallinger, directed the service and gave a bereaving family, a final farewell.

Last week, Take the Cake Productions hosted a packed out event for the premiere of Morbid at Storyhouse, Chester. We received a 5 star rating from our critics and the night went down a treat with a standing ovation at the beginning of the credit roll

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