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Bobbing and Maddie Jay releases ‘Marie’

Maddie Jay and multi-instrumentalist/ producer Bobbing release new single ‘Marie’

Bassist/vocalist Maddie Jay and multi-instrumentalist/ producer Bobbing found their way to each other in true quarantine style – lurking around on SoundCloud with nothing else to do but stay inside and create. After forming an online relationship, the duo teamed up for the single “Marie” which is available on all streaming platforms today. The song functions as an ode to world famous organizing consultant Marie Kondo and how easy she makes it look to change your whole life around on her Netflix show, even if that isn’t the reality of it.  Listen HERE.

The bouncing track floats the listener easily through the heavy feeling of watching your world cave in on you, wall by wall. Driven by funk elements, you hardly expect the weight of the lyrics as life seems to spiral. Lighthearted yet still a bit dark, “Marie” reflects how Gen-Z tends to discuss their mental health; burying the more serious topics underneath deflective humor. 

“I wrote this song over an instrumental that Bob had made around mid-quarantine,” said Jay. “I had found his music online and was just so obsessed with the sound design and creativity he had. I happened to be watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo at the time and was feeling frustrated that I couldn’t just change my situation and revamp my tiny studio apartment. She makes it look so easy on the show of course, but it almost made me feel worse that I couldn’t clean my way out of my deteriorating mental health and isolation. Self-help doesn’t really work when your circumstances are shitty!!”

Currently, Maddie Jay is the touring bassist for both Remi Wolf and Lorde. Later this year, fans can expect a new full-length project from her that Bobbing is also working on. As proven by the release of “Marie”, their collaboration brings out the best in each other creatively.