Rising singer-songwriter, Denis Coleman, has teamed up with the chart-topping producer-duo, Billen Ted (Nathan Evan’s ‘Wellerman / Sea Shanty’) to unveil a remix of his 2021 single, ‘Tangerine’, out now via AWAL.  Along with this latest release, Denis has also announced his anticipated second EP, due in October this year.

Offering a fresh take on the song, the Billen Ted remix adds acceleration by intermixing high-energy beats, booming basslines and infectious dance-floor drops to create an addictive summer track. Speaking about the remix, Denis says:  “After a couple of days writing with Billen Ted at their studio, I convinced them to remix my new track Tangerine and I am absolutely loving their take on it. Tangerine (Billen Ted Remix) is somehow retro and distinctly modern at the same time, lending a subtle brush of nostalgia to the current mainstream British dance sound. Their funky aesthetic blends with my introspective yet summery lyrics for a catchy, quirky take on the typical summer banger. For the best listening experience, turn it up on your speakers while sipping a drink with a slice of tangerine in it”.

This year has seen Denis kick off a new musical era, after having already released two new songs this year, ‘Tangerine’ and ‘Wrong Reasons’.  He will be releasing his anticipated second EP in October, teasing “On my upcoming EP, everything is a little bit bigger, broader. It’s dreamy in places, manic in others. I’m trying to build a soundscape that’s larger than life, where you can immerse yourself in pure euphoria, blissful nostalgia and aesthetic pain. It  paints every day teenage challenges with vivid, cinematic brushstrokes, and explores timeless philosophical questions through mundane, down-to-earth stories. The EP is preoccupied with friendship, isolation, love, paranoia and the internet, whilst conveying both escapism and our need for it.”

Denis shows no signs of slowing down, having already released two new singles this year with ‘Tangerine’ and ‘Wrong Reasons’, as well as today’s latest offering ‘Tangerine (Billen Ted Remix’).

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