Kwun has released his debut single ‘Supernatural’ out now, the first single to be released from his forthcoming album ‘Ancient Ageless & True’. 

Kwun is a singer-songwriter and producer from the UK at the cutting edge of a movement of conscious artists leading the way into a New Paradigm. In a critical and rapidly changing time of humanity, his music is about connection, both to the greatest version of ourselves and to each other. 

Kwun’s music and the message is informed by his involvement in the Healing Arts and explorations into Consciousness. Interestingly, Supernatural was recorded in 432 Hz, the frequency of which resonates and harmonises with nature and the human body. By combining the classic songwriting styles of John Lennon and Nick Drake, ‘Supernatural’ is a track with conscious lyrics jam packed with pearls of wisdom. Kwun says “my hope for this song is to provoke thought in the listener to question and look deeper into commonly held beliefs, as well as to become the greatest version of themselves.”

Kwun has worked alongside Mark Prentice (Johnny Cash & Bruce Springsteen), Sam Wheat (Pharrell Williams & Amy Winehouse) and Tony Cousins (Adele & George Michael) with his debut release ‘Supernatural’. 

The track is accompanied by an Attenborough-inspired panoramic music video filmed in picturesque Tulum Beach and Punta Laguna in Mexico by international cinematographer Alex Beldi – released October 28th. 

‘Supernatural’ is available on all platforms from today October 21st. 


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