Emerging pop star NERIAH has released her newest single, melodic breakup anthem “FALLING 4 SOMEBODY.” Debuting with a New Music Daily cover and Zane Lowe interview on Apple Music One, the track is creating plenty of excitement leading up to NERIAH’s third EP, No One Cries Forever, out March 17 via Create Music Group.

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While true to NERIAH’s knack for songs about heartbreak and relationships, “FALLING 4 SOMEBODY” addresses these themes with a more upbeat tone. The track shows NERIAH coming to terms with the end of a relationship, using the hopeful melodies to comfort her as she accepts the inevitable breakup.

“FALLING 4 SOMEBODY is about being in love with someone and discovering they’re not who you thought they were,” NERIAH explains. “It’s about wanting to leave a relationship, but staying because you’re scared to stray from its comfort. You’ve reached a breaking point in your relationship and know you should end it, but your fear prevents you from doing it.”

Since releasing her debut EP in 2022 that premiered on The Zane Lowe Show, NERIAH has shown no signs of slowing down. The Los Angeles based songstress has received huge praise from the likes of Billboard, Wonderland, FLAUNT, and more, and was featured on People’s 2022 Winter Emerging Artists list – the latter deeming her sophomore EP How Do I Get Clean as “binge-worthy.” Her recent music has received overwhelming support from Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio stations, and TikTok.

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