Palmtreeprince is a London-based artist, originally from Zimbabwe but raised in Ireland. After the release of his debut 3-track EP ‘Come Find Me’, he was dubbed “the next in line to become the Pop Prince of the UK” by Rinse FM DJ JYOTY, and received play across BBC Radio 1 and coverage worldwide, including on EARMILK.

His sound champions all that is congruent with his eccentric character – a unique take on modern pop with an overriding message of love. Simultaneously quirky and dynamic in nature, palmtreeprince’s sound is full of rich textures & tones, which fill the listener’s mind with colourful and vibrant imagery.

“It’s something we’ve been chipping away at since 2017, we believe we’ve found our lane, and we’re sticking to it.” – palmtreeprince

‘‘bout us’ documents the moment in a relationship when you contemplate what you have with the person you love. palmtreeprince wanted to represent that feeling of pondering the past, present and future of a relationship.

Whilst palmtreeprince was working next door to his producer LVAE, the words “I been thinkin ‘bout us lately” came to him.

He hopes listeners remember that everyone has a cheerleader that is always supporting them, or maybe they’re the cheerleader to their loved ones.

“If you have a cheerleader, always know that you have that lifeline, someone to help you through the tough times and celebrate you through your golden moments. If you are the cheerleader, delight in your devotion. I believe that says a lot about who you are. Don’t stop loving, supporting and cheering on the ones you love, it’s needed and appreciated more than you know.”

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