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Still Blue release New Single ‘Lace’

Irish indie-pop band Still Blue release their new single, “Lace”, out now.

Irish indie-pop band Still Blue release their new single, “Lace”, out now. The single will be followed by their debut EP, “All Over The Chip Shop,” set to be released June 16th under Faction Records.

After the success of their debut single, “Honeysuckle Daydream,” Still Blue has quickly made a name for themselves in the Irish indie scene. Their unique sound, led by vocalist Nicole Lyons, Ruairi Forde on guitar, and Greg Kearns on drums, has caught the attention of many music lovers and critics alike and have been added to the 2FM Rising list of ‘Irish musical acts to watch.’

“Lace” is a personal and vulnerable song that describes the complicated and confusing experience of trying to feel comfortable in one’s sexuality while being viewed solely as a body. The band describes the song as “a sad song about sex,” but it’s much more than that. It’s an honest and raw portrayal of the lengths people will go to feel loved and the toll it takes on one’s self-esteem.

About the song lead singer Lyons says “I remember when I first wrote Lace back in 2021, I wanted to keep it for myself. It felt too personal of a song to share with anyone, let alone release it! It’s an incredibly vulnerable song describing a very female experience wherein you would degrade yourself to nothing but an object, to gain any sort of intimacy from another person. Trying to feel comfortable in your sexuality whilst only being viewed as a body is so confusing as a young woman. People will do whatever it takes to feel loved, even if that means lowering their standards until they’re nonexistent.”

The band’s sound in “Lace” is different from their previous releases, with a rockier feel to the tune. It’s a sound they’ve been wanting to explore for a while, and it continues throughout the EP.

Still Blue has produced, recorded, and mixed all their music themselves, showcasing their skills as an up-and-coming indie band. Their influences include The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys, and their intimate lyrics are inspired by the writings of Phoebe Bridgers and Julia Jacklin.

“Lace” will be available on all major streaming platforms on May 17th. Don’t miss the chance to listen to Still Blue’s new single and join them on their musical journey.