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‘Dorian – A Rock Musical’ streaming this Halloween

Who needs ghosts and ghouls when there’s a rock star selling his soul to the Devil?

Who needs ghosts and ghouls when there’s a rock star selling his soul to the Devil? Edgy, Gothic and glamourous, Dorian: A Rock Musical is re-streaming after earlier success on the streaming platform Filmed at a site-specific secret location in the heart of Mayfair, Ruby in the Dust Theatre’s Dorian brought a modern twist to Oscar Wilde’s classic novel. This esteemed production is soon to stream again this Halloween. With a score propelled by influences from Bowie to Brecht, it will leave audiences with goosebumps that come from spine chilling tunes rather than spooky ghouls. 

Trapped in eternal adolescence, this star wants to change the constellations of his life and becomes determined to discover love. But, how can you find love when you have sold your soul to the Devil? While sitting for the eccentric society painter, Basil Hallward, Dorian is discovered by the influential Lord Henry and is soon under the spell of this dangerous, charismatic music impresario. Dorian, the secret child of love and death, is suddenly thrust into a confusing world where love dare not speak its name. The ‘Lord’ Henry propels him into the hedonistic world of Glam Rock, and Dorian becomes the king of the Black Hearts. 

Yet, Dorian’s own heart is empty; he believes it has been captured on canvas and he becomes increasingly consumed by the secret painting he keeps in the attic. A chance encounter with an obsessed stalker one night forces Dorian to confront his demons. But is it too late? And will he finally discover what it is to love? ”I would give anything for that – I would give my soul.”

Dorian: A Rock Musical collects the mystery, obsession and hedonism of Wilde’s original writing with the flair and enrapturing direction of Ruby in the Dust Theatre. Although The Picture of Dorian Gray was written over one hundred and twenty years ago, its themes of vanity, mortality and corruption still resonate. Halloween this year sees the harrowing nature of the story evoked and revived with a rock score that sears through the action. 

Dates On demand from Sunday 31st October to Sunday 28th November 2021 


Running Time 105 minutes 

Box Office Standard tickets are £15 (excluding booking fee). Purchase is available online from 

Age Guidance 12+ (some sexual references and themes of an adult nature)