Tito Jackson, a legend in the music industry, is rising with his new album ‘Under Your Spell.’ It is a testament to his musical ability and sets the road for his future music.

Tito ventures into a new area, revealing a new side to his talent on the first album, representing high-class blues. ‘Wheels Keep Turning’ is the first track on the album. It’s a show-stopper with a captivating melody that grabs you from the first note. Tito also kicks things off with a nail-biting vocal performance as sharp as a serpent’s tooth!

The next track is ‘Love One Another,’ which was the album’s first single. The drums thump to a funky guitar rhythm in this smash-hit single. Tito also surges to the forefront of the mix, reinforcing his powerful vocal timbre. With a feel-good tale about welcoming everyone and loving everyone around us, the refrain is infectious.

The fourth-placed song, ‘Under Your Spell,’ is a blues-rock classic! Along with a great vocal from Jackson, the guitar rips through the speakers with thunderous power, while the backup brass ensemble shines with multicolour. It also incorporates Tito’s RnB grooves, which he’s been delivering for years, giving the track a distinct edge and a hybrid sound unlike any other.

Towards the end of the record, ‘That Kind Of Love’ gives the vanguard a fresh flavour. Furthermore, a psychedelic movement holds the hips, and a bluesy harmonica delivery propels the tune along with a unique guitar rhythm and Tito front and centre on the microphone.

The album comes to a close with ‘Got Caught,’ which Tito opens with a spoken narration before a soulful foundation that brings the album to a close with unmistakable appeal!

Review by George Kirby

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