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There is one word to describe “Luzia”, Cirque Du Soleil’s latest show to hit the UK, and that is breathtaking! From the opening moments to the final curtain call, “Luzia” was easily one of the most dazzling, jaw-dropping productions to come from the Cirque team.

“Luzia”, subtitled “A Waking Dream In Mexico” is absolutely beautiful to watch. Built on a revolving turntable stage, this makes the already spectacular acts just that little bit more impressive as, by adding an extra edge to proceedings, the turntable stage gives fans in all corners of the venue the ability to watch each act from a variety of angles. Throw into the performance some stunning use of water cascading from the top of the venue throughout the show and you have yourself a true spectacle. As for the acts, well, these are the cream of the crop meaning that, whether it’s the trapeze artists, the acrobats balancing on top of the smallest of poles or the sensational juggling footballers every single one of the acts has this packed out Royal Albert Hall either sat with their hearts in their mouths or cheering at the magnificent display taking place a few yards away.

Given that we’re witnessing the preview night of the tour, there are some creases to be ironed out but this only adds to the excitement rippling around the room as the Cirque team put the final touches to the show before it wows fans across Europe. For the most part though, everything runs flawlessly, as you’d expect from the team meaning that, with some truly attention grab acts including a contortionist that has to be seen to be believed, Luzia was the Cirque show we’ve all wanted to see for quite some time.

Don’t get me wrong, every Cirque show has you absolutely hooked but, while some of the more recent shows have featured somewhat confusing storylines, “Luzia” has it right on every level. Part musical, part comedy, part circus, “Luzia” takes you on a journey to an imaginery Mexico tapping into all senses with a dazzling display. From the music to the humour to the interaction with the audience to the story, this is an utterly magical experience for Cirque fans of all generations and, for those who have yet to fall under the Cirque spell, there is no better place to start than with this incredible show.

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