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Ginny Lemon releases new album ‘Tonic’

In true Ginny fashion – what you see is what you get.

Singer-songwriter, improvisational comedienne, TV personality, spiritualist and iconic queen from UK Drag Race season 2, Ginny Lemon shares their brand new album ‘Tonic’, out everywhere now.

A proud Brummie, Ginny recently performed in the opening ceremony for The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham which shattered huge LGBTQ+ boundaries. Ginny opened the ceremony in a lemon-shaped hot air balloon, broadcast to an audience of up to one billion people, across Commonwealth countries – the vast majority of which criminalises being gay. Not only was it a massive moment for Ginny’s career, but they felt it was a ‘momentous’ honour to represent both their homeland of the West Midlands and the LGBTQ+ community.


Ginny’s new album ‘Tonic’ does exactly what it says on the tin. In true Ginny fashion – what you see is what you get. They want the album to be a ‘tonic’ for everything that’s been happening in their own personal life but also for the turmoils we have faced collectively as humans over the last few years – tories, brexit, covid – you name it!

“I needed to write something that is slightly optimistic but realistically annoyed. Some songs have been with me for years, some are fresh for the album, this is also my attempt to make a post drag race pop album, and milk any residual 5 minutes of fame I have left, it won’t do so well and will be overlooked but nonetheless it is my Tonic and hopefully some other peoples too.”

Working with their partner and album co-creator Some Little Cakes (Jack Collingridge), long term collaborator and sound engineer Luke Elliott and Adam Green (DJ Sneaky Butchers), Ginny latest single ‘Ding Dong’ is reminiscent of an iPhone alarm sound. Ginny also collaborated with animator Jordan Fallas to create their very own avatar which features in the album artwork and in the Ding Dong music video.

Speaking of the track, Ginny says, “I wrote this song after working a succession of horrendous admin jobs, particularly at some universities around the West Midlands, naming no names, they know who they are. I was hounded out one job for being, gay, the next for grieving too long for my dead sister, then the next was for being too depressed and disabled. This sound is about hearing the sound of your alarm, that space in between sleep and waking, and how the alarm sound can trigger you into remembering you have to go to work, earn money, and take whatever abuse you get in order to pay the bills.