Rising pop and soul sensation JERUB has today released his stunning new EP ‘Carry The Load’. Listen here.

‘Carry The Load’ follows on from his critically acclaimed EP ‘Finding my Feet’ which yielded the hit single ‘There Till the End’. Speaking on the latest release, JERUB said “Carry the Load EP is a collection of songs that encapsulate my feelings and experiences from the past year. Each season of the year has brought new themes, and this EP reflects that journey. From the universal pressures and weight of being human, to the tensions of moving and being away from home, to learning about risk and vulnerability, this EP is guided by empathy for myself and others.”

The EP begins with a heartfelt message from JERUB’s father, a moment that was shared with those who attended his recent tour across the UK and Europe in April. “It was such a highlight sharing his voice that I had to include it on the EP. My hope is that everyone who listens can see a bit of their own story in mine” he says.

The opening track is the beautifully soulful and catchy ‘Carry The Load’. The EPs title track is an honest admittance of the pressures that weigh us down. It deals with the feeling of acknowledging the heaviness and recognizing the importance of reaching out.

The second track on the EP is ‘Gonna Be Okay’ this was released as a single back in April and perfectly showcases JERUB’s warm, soaring vocals.

Third track ‘Hometown’ is about the people who make a place special. The song is a lovely anecdote to JERUBs upbringing. Having been born in Nigeria and raised in Nottingham, ‘Hometown’ captures the struggle of dreaming for more while not wanting to say goodbye to everything and everyone you know.

Continuing with the themes of vulnerability and honesty, ‘You and I’ is another heartfelt ode to JERUB’s upbringing. Reflecting on his journey to open up and embrace love with open arms.

‘Feel Alive’ is about having the bravery to take risks. “I’m not a natural dreamer,” says JERUB. “I’m often overly realistic. I think some of that is a defence mechanism, a way to avoid being hurt or disappointed. The track is something of a euphoric admittance to this, a plea with himself to risk hurt and disappointment in order to truly feel.

Final track on the EP is bonus demo ‘Soon’. The track was written whilst JERUB was travelling, the juxtaposition of doing what you love while feeling guilty for being away from a relationship. “Usually, I tweak parts of a song and maybe re-record some bits, but with ‘Soon,’ we wrote and recorded a demo on the same day, and it felt so special that I didn’t want to change anything.” A beautiful song and a fitting end to a glorious EP.

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