James now takes another step towards the November 27th release of his debut solo album ‘Safe Journey Home’ by sharing the album title’s track. Listen HERE. It explores one of the record’s recurring themes: where is home?

James explains, “It’s different for everyone. But for me there’s always been an element of not knowing. I’ve got this Transatlantic existence where I’m always going somewhere to do something. I can adapt and adjust.”

James wrote ‘Safe Journey Home’ with his friend and producer John Fields (Jimmy Eat World, Selena Gomez), and the duo recorded it entirely themselves at Creation Audio in Minneapolis.

‘Safe Journey Home’, ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Everyone Is My Friend’ are provided as instant downloads for fans who pre-order the ‘Safe Journey Home’ album here.

‘Safe Journey Home’ is a celebration of the classic songcraft. It echoes the timeless songwriting of the Laurel Canyon scene through to modern alternative rock. At times you can hear a country twang flavoured by his time spent in Nashville, at others lyrical references to NYC and LA.  In short, it’s a globe-trotting, multi-genre experience that feels right at home in 2020 while also reflecting some of the great music of the past half-a-century. It’s a culmination of experiences from a man who is most at home when he plugs his guitar into an amp.

If you’ve appreciated Bourne’s songwriting talents in any of his other projects, you’ll find plenty worth investigating here.

James Bourne is firmly established as a leading songwriter, with a flair for killer hooks and addictive melodies that has catapulted Busted, McFly, the Jonas Brothers and 5 Seconds of Summer into the charts. He demonstrated his masterly command of a completely different style with his recent debut solo single ‘Everyone Is My Friend’ – a song that even earned the praise of Eric Clapton. It was accompanied by a lyric video, which captured images of James with an enviable A-Z of famous friends.

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