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Taylah Carroll ‘Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things’

“Carroll’s lyrics are fantastic, and this song feels delicately impactful” – Nkechi Anele, Triple J

Charming songstress Taylah Carroll is back with another fresh slice of indie heaven, on the instantly arresting new track ‘Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things’. A woozy, confident, and defining follow up from her commanding debut ‘Vermont’, the single solidifies Carroll as one of 2019’s most promising artists to watch. Steering away from its predecessor’s folk footing, ‘Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things’ takes a sonically darker turn, scouting about indie rock territory and taking immediate comfort in its undulating terrain. Taylah Carroll is gearing up to celebrate the release with a hometown single launch upstairs at The Tote Hotel taking place during Melbourne Music Week this November.

Recorded alongside producer Tim Harvey (Lisa Mitchell, Gena Rose Bruce, Jade Imagine), ‘Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things’ is a song about getting older and learning to forgive, driving a strong force that aptly represents the multi-faceted nature of Carroll’s artistic character. A beckoning bass line lays a slick grounding for Carroll’s rich vocals to ebb and flow upon, before swiftly making way for an uprising of riff-centric choruses and momentous percussion, akin to the likes of Olympia or Julia Jacklin. The track’s nuanced complexities shift from deep introspection to acute observation and beyond, highlighting Carroll’s renewed perspective on past experiences and interactions.

“Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things is a song about getting older and learning to forgive people… and myself. It was born out of the realisation that people are often at the mercy of their own fears and complicated histories – That often, everyone is doing the best they can, even when they mess up. The song shifts through perspectives a little bit – which is a diplomatic move my myself, but also kinda shows how confusing the process of empathising with someone who did wrong by you can be. Tim, my band and I had so much fun in the studio finding ways to really carry the sentiment across. I got to scream into the strings of a piano in the studio, hit a little standing fan with a drumstick… it was really fun to create.” – Taylah Carroll

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