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“The messiah has arrived in Manchester!”

The prayers have been answered, our Lord has summoned his other so to spread the goodwill in music. Like the gates opening up with an overwhelming welcome Post Malone is here. The intro comes on, the venue is black, the phones are lit up and the box is lifted and here he is!

By now, there is no doubt you’ll have heard the name Post Malone and, love him or hate him, the man is without a doubt an icon. Apart from a DJ booth on stage, it’s just Malone, chilled out, singing to a crowd who hold him in a Godlike status. In fact, I’ll put my neck on the line here by saying that I am going to come out and say this, Post Malone is the next generations Eminem. I’m a huge Eminem fan, have listened to him since Stan: The EP came out and it just feels like Post Malone is heading the same way.

Slim Shady’s music hit the hearts of all of us and Post Malone hits those very same hearts with his raps exploring personal situations, his own feelings and current affairs and, whether we connect with his personal issues or just love the jams, these were exactly the same reasons Eminem’s popularity blew up.

Post Malone, the second most listened to artist in the world, comes across as a regular guy dealing with every day situations. Dealing with romance, heartbreak, money or life, the Posty is someone everybody in this sold-out room can relate to. Fans young and old are packing out arenas all over the world on his 2019 headliner tour and, as he makes his entrance decked out in a blue top and bottoms with the Union Jack, it’s obvious he is thrilled to be here. What’s more amazing is the short time it has taken to get to this level but, as with everything Post Malone related, it’s the personal touch he gives everything that just wins you over.

Full of energy as he bounces along the walkway, engaging with the crowd and having a few cheeky beers along the way, he spoils his fans with a lengthy set that, not only feels like there isn’t a song from his two albums missed out but is also delivered by someone who looks like he’s been doing this for years even though he’s only twenty-two years old. After tonight the Post Malone circus rolls on to another city and another packed arena and in just over a few months time, the Posty will be back to headline Reading and Leeds festival for what will surely be the party of the Summer.

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