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Claudillea ‘Chaos Is My Friend’ Debut EP out now

Claudillea explores themes that define the lives of her generation.

Oppop innovator Claudillea today puts the finishing touches to 18 months of work as she releases her eagerly anticipated ‘Chaos Is My Friend’. The five-track EP sees the rising talent setting her astounding operatic vocal to alt-pop and R&B soundscapes – a thrilling clash of cultures which breaks new ground. Listen to the EP HERE.

As indicated by recent singles including ‘Controlla’, ‘Release You’ and ‘Don’t You Know?’, Claudillea explores themes that define the lives of her generation. Its central message is one of defiance and self-empowerment: it’s time for them to take a stand against the establishment.

Claudillea says, “I want my EP to show that we all have different layers. We are all multi-layered and not just one thing, so it’s about embracing all those different sides. When I was choosing what songs to put on the EP, my first thought of doubt came about how they were too different, the sounds were different. But all those sounds are just different expressions of myself. It’s important for myself and others to always EMBRACE ALL OF OURSELVES.

Nina Simone is a big inspiration for me, because of her stance on how art should reflect the times. I feel very passionately about equality across the board, and that everyone should be given the same opportunities. So it riles me that people in power are benefitting at the cost of millions. But I also believe people have power, and our voices are so important. So in ‘Controlla’ and ‘Release You’, it’s about how we won’t tolerate it anymore, and actually we can reclaim our power. I believe my generation and the next are going to make big changes within society’s structure.”

In addition to those three recent singles and her fan favourite ‘Habanera’, the ‘Chaos Is My Friend’ EP is completed by the new song ‘Best View of Your Life’. Claudillea’s take on Puccini’s aria from ‘La bohème’ is arguably her most dramatic fusion of genres to date. Expressing the sweeter side of the opera’s diva-esque character Musetta, Claudillea’s voice oozes pure elegance. But she adds plenty of unexpected modernist  touches to the waltz, with glitchy beats and fiery raps.